Friday, December 20, 2002

Quoi d'autre?

Yes, yes. I know. You want to know about *all * the other holiday parties that were going on, right?! Well, yes, darling readers, there were a few. Some of the other antics that kept a few socializers busy were NYNMA's annual holiday party and toy drive "Toys for Tots" (also held at the popular Kanvas) and the German-American Filmmakers The Haus/Neue Sentimental AG's ( small fashion show at Very Up & Co.'s offices on Monday, December 17th. Tuesday, December 18th Upoc hosted its very trendy holiday party at the uber cool Art Club in Tribeca and the lovable Bernardo of Bernardo's List hosted his own Holiday party--just for all those special people on his list--at the voyeuristic delight Remote Lounge. Long-time Alleyite Troy Tyler's threw together a celebration at the 10th Street Lounge and Alleyite-citizen-through-the-years John McGann also held a banner bash for his "non-demon-eNational holiday party to celebrate the holidaze, the coming Gnu year, and the blessing of the Basement Space (new party space) on December 20th.