Thursday, May 03, 2001

Stripped of Options? Strip Some More!

Keeping in line with the theme of the week-Radical Extremes of Events, I headed downtown with Amy Brownstein to meet up with Sarah Lefton. They were going to introduce me to the newest hip entertainment and club scene in the city. Believing I was dressed far too conservatively, they made my scarf into my top and suggested that I apply more makeup. After making myself more "appropriate" for the club scene, we headed over to the Spa Bar. And what, you may ask, is the hippest new club scene taking the city by storm? CAKE, a cross-platform production and entertainment company that hosts events where women can express their sexuality. CAKE events are erotic entertainment for women. The highlights of the evening are free-for-all, karaoke-like, strip-tease acts. Anyone can do it, and believe me, there was quite a range of women who did. I was a bit dismayed by CAKE's acceptance of men at the events, however, because their presence made the whole event feel more like a regular strip club than a "freeing" experience for women. Of course, men can't go unless accompanied by a woman. The men took advantage of "open mike night" and jumped on stage as much as the women. Ironically I recognized more men from the dot-com scene there than women. I swore I'd protect their identities, but you'd know 'em if you saw 'em! After a tease or two, I'd had enough and left the Jersey-like crowd whoopin' it up at the exhibitionists.