Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Alltrue at Izzy Bar ~ by Gina M. Larson

Movie folks and new media minglers took shelter from the rain on Tuesday night in the basement of Izzy Bar in the East Village. The gathered forgot about their dew dropped locks as they ordered up some drinks at the corner bar. That's where I found Judy Katz, VP of business development from Alltrue. She prepped me for the prankumentary that was being shown, the reason we were there. The 45-minute show was a cross between Candid Camera and The Tom Green Show. The first vignettes consisted of some goofy guys playing pranks on unsuspecting New York City folks. The second series was more of the same, only the games were taken to Panama City during Spring Break. Ben Morrison, co-owner of comedynyc.com was there to check out how the gang down at Alltrue, a site for underground entertainment, does comedy. The clips ranged between good and poor, with lots of bikini-clad blondes, drunken frat boys, and one outtake that took its editing cue from The Blair Witch Project. No doubt, that Alltrue's feature will appeal to its demographic though: 18-30 year-old men.