Friday, May 18, 2001

Big Blue and the Hip(tech)Space Let You In

Between IBM's new Blue Velocity program and TechSpace's supportive work environments and services, companies that have lasted this long (or new ones, for that matter) can take their firms to a new level. To commemorate the advantages of these two firms working together, and to make a few other announcements, IBM and TechSpace held a "Back to Business" party on May 18th at TechSpace's 11th Street location. A female DJ was spinning hot tunes of the day (and night) as I arrived and chatted with Austin-based IBM Event Producer Sean Bridges. Sorceron's Howard Greenstein introduced me to IBM Venture Executive Paul Magnone and Wendy Heller. We chatted a bit, and they, in turn, introduced me to IBM VP of Sales America, NetGeneration Patricia Falotico and NetGeneration City Manager Dan Dinen. Digital Owl Director Business Development Jack Spielberg said "hello," and as the chicken satay came around, a blue-haired Cameron Brown, of TechSpace tenant Venaca, took three. As Brown sipped a blue martini, I chatted with him and NetReaction's Fred Sullivan. TechSpacer's Harris Levinson, Michael Venzer, Sue DiFranco and Rob McQueen were enjoying the networking and fine evening of tasty hors d'oeuvres and beverages. I chatted with them and caught up with TechSpace Chairman Bruce R. Bockmann. On my way out, I chatted with Macedon Consultant Max Abramowitz and Sorceron Business Development EVP Catherine Billon, and caught up on life in their scenes. The party was winding down, but people stayed to chat. I had one more event to get to, so I bid my adieus and headed into the quite Village street.