Monday, May 14, 2001

Bits, Bytes and an Ole!

Even if Cinco de Mayo was last week, it didn't deter anyone from sipping a few margaritas and cervazas at this month's "Bits, Bytes and Bar," hosted by The Downtown Alliance on Monday, May 14, at Chevy's Fresh Mex in the Embassy Suites Building. The crowd, a festive bunch - even sans the sombreros, chewed on tacos and nachos and were a festive bunch. Ming from YoNewYork, who donned a great pair of blue shades that matched his shirt, and Francois Meale were chatting about the current job outlook in the city and their love of music over mainframes. Later, attorney Glenn Wolther filled me in on the long and honorable history of matadors and bull fighting. Allison Henke, economics developer for Downtown Alliance, was showing off her very cute snake-skin loafers, and lamenting over the demise of Kozmo. She and I agreed that we are both too spoiled to go to Blockbuster again ... plus they don't have Ben & Jerry's.