Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Razorfish's Venture Further Downtown

From Venture Downtown I ventured further downtown to Razorfish's 5th Annual MayDay party at their old offices on Lafayette Street. They're moving the company from this outpost back into the main camp on Grand Street. So they held their typical, wild bash in the big, empty space that they no longer need to worry about trashing. When I arrived, I didn't feel like waiting for the elevator, so I climbed up three old, steep flights of stairs, passing carefully over the vomit, spilled drinks and cigarette butts, and holding my nose all the way. Upstairs, the DJ was mixing awesome tunes that got partiers to shake their booties. The windowsills were lined with skinny hipsters pretending to be go-go dancers. In classic Razorfish party style, a wide plastic sheet with a cartoon was "strung" between two columns. (Two year's ago they had www.razorfishsucks.com on the plastic sheet.) In Craig Kanarick's former office, now completely wallpapered in silver mylar, were Razorfish Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Dachis and Razorfish Cheerleader Cindy Pound. We chatted a bit about Almodovar, riots in London and the significance of May Day. Across the hall in Jeff's old office were a handful of males groovin' to a different disco beat. The BUST room was unusually smoky, so I didn't stay too long for fear of floating away. I did chat with Zoe Lister and Ryan Schafer of BUST, one of Razorfish's publications, and observed a very amorous couple near the back window. Back out in the main room all the oh-so-hip, young, trendy AND skinny kids showed off their bellies and butts in tight pants and tops. I let them continue on with the bump-and-grind as I headed out for some much needed rest!