Monday, January 18, 1999

Vancouver's Totally Hip!

On Monday evening, January 18th, I was invited to a private party put on by Totally Hip Software ( The purpose of the function was to congratulate their team for a job well done. Just recently they won two separate "best of show" awards at Mac World. One was for WebPainter 3, a handy little Internet animation program, and the other was for LiveStage. LiveStage uses Quicktime in order to build web site interactivity without all that messing about in Java. Check out a couple examples at their Web site! Randall McCallum, the CEO of Totally Hip, tells me that their next installment, for both Windows and the Mac, will be released in about 3 or 4 months. Currently, you can only program LiveStage on the Mac.

In addition to the honored employees, there was local venture capitalist Rob Clark in attendance. Just recently, Rob's company bought out Cyber Whispers, and set up a web site called Trader Cents ( I'm told that Trader Cents, similar to Silicon Investor (, is rapidly becoming one of the premier sites for general investor insight. The site offers features such as free email and anonymous chat boards/forum and an extensive database of primarily American and Canadian Stocks. As of the end of January, they will be implementing real time stock quotes and real time news feeds.
- John Maclean Foreman