Thursday, January 14, 1999

A No-ender Gathering

Meanwhile, down Broadway, in the ultra, super-hip, really cool office loft space of Zoecom, a small group of New York No-Enders met. This neat, elite group has a mailing list and a nice, warm, fuzzy, human feel to its meetings. These get-togethers give you a chance to talk about your week, have a beer, eminisce about the long-gone workforce of '95, and gel with a few people. Much more relaxing than bonding with hardware and enduring air-filled conversations at "well-attended" networking events and seminars. Highlights of the evening included's Ingrid Michelsen's tales of her lucky move back to NY from San Francisco. Heather Gold from's spoke about the history of new media and showed a demo of's cool!
self publishing program, and David from Speak-Easy Production's talked about various ventures in radio and production. Grace from Hall Kinion's spoke about her transition into the new media world from a job as an Art Curator assistant in a gallery uptown, and Dennis Adamo talked aobut Vision's colorful past from Prodigy to Pseudo to Icon. Many, many thanks to Steve Warren for being a gracious and charming host, for bringing the group together and for a few brewskis! If you're interested in joining the list, send a one-paragraph introduction of yourself to Steven at ""