Sunday, January 31, 1999 Superbowl - Super JobsJobsJobs

If there was one theme of the week is Jobs!Jobs!Jobs! And I don't mean Steve Jobs having triplets. In fact, the month of February, which is normally heralded as Black History Month, might seem to be more aptly coined New Media Job Hunting Month. If you didn't score at's Superbowl XXXIII party at the Hudson Sporting Club on Sunday, January 31st, you'll have another opportunity later this month during their WorkWorld fair. and NYNMA will have put together two events in one month with a lot of muscle. At the Sporting Club, wherever your eye fell it most likely would land on a large-screened TV or on throngs of young people with eyes glazed over as they stared upwards at the scores, MVPs and the rounds of hot million-dollar commercials.'s employees and managers alike had friends to show support. Christopher March, VP and General Counsel had buddies Russ Heiken, an Engineer and Bruce Norris up from Florida, and Richard Johnson, President & CEO, was heady with the swooning crowd and the anticipation of their commercial, which aired at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Employees like Michael Taylor, a product manager, had his friend Alek Schmitz of MicroStrategy present and Theza Griesman had full support from her friends too. Bob Liu (formerly of CNNfn) and now in charge of press inquiries of brought along Brand Dialoguers Valerie Martinez and Leah Cardoni. "Otek" loved the party and as I headed home to wind down from the festivities I caught the hip Kamuti of SonicNet dashing home for the half-time show as well.