Monday, January 11, 1999

Publisher's Note ~ TV Appearances

"What do you do when your computer only boots up in "safe mode." "Well," said Scott, as he looked across the desk at me, "with 30 seconds to spare, you call tech support and do a reinstall." This quick exchange occurred Monday, January 11, when a woman called in during the FAQ segment of the Metro Learning Channel's computer show "MetroByte."

I've been a frequent guest on this show since July 1998. Originally hosted by Bobby Rivers, of "Good Day New York" morning show (and VH-1 v-jay) fame, it is now hosted by Scott Rigby, founder and president of Thoughtbubble. Ellyn Burke, Ph.D., director of the Panasonic Learning Lab, was also on hand to talk about this unique learning center. Its educational classes are supported by top-of-the-line technology. Though the lab is booked months in advance, Dr. Burke, who used to be a professional opera singer, will talk with anyone about this unique facility and its offerings.