Thursday, January 28, 1999

Kidder, Playford and Tyler's new venture

 From there Chip, Christine Harmel and I sped along to Pageant for a packed party
 celebrating David Kidder, Andrew Playford and Troy Tyler's new venture. They can't
 talk about it too much, but its going to be a fantabulous piece of whiz-bang technology
 that we'll all want on our desktops or in our palm units or refrigerators as soon as it's
 available! If you didn't see all the digerati at CyberSuds, you could catch the rest of
 'em at this party. Bernard Warner of The Industry Standard and Ben Austin of Comet
 Systems were two of the charming gentlemen present. Andrew Raisej stopped by to
 show support, Tery Spataro, David Blumenstein and generations of new media
 workers and shakers were out.