Monday, February 23, 1998

Webcinema's Silicon Alley movie

Another paradox involves the number of internet newbies who will be portraying the seasoned "Salliati" (Silicon Alley Digerati) -- both of which can be witnessed at the numerous Webcinema/"Silicon Alley, The Movie" parties. Last Monday, February 23rd was the most recent, and there's another this coming Monday, March 9th. The landmark nightclub Nells has been (and will be) hostess to this intriguing event. Of course I'm not saying all actors are newbies, but their life certainly doesn't revolve around the 'net as ours do. Last Monday was fun -- seeing old pals like Manos Megagiannis (and Rumseen Beitmirza, Kim Schinnerer -- all of , Alec Pollack (Stir), Tristan Louis (who's at now), Randall Stempler (, Jonathan Faber (LI Film), and Lance Rose.  The festivities were (will be) hosted by Buzz Communication (, an online resource for actors and filmmakers, and co-hosted by CNI Cinema (, producer's of the upcoming feature film "Silicon Alley." Last Monday was celebrating the launch of the new ShowcaseNews area on Buzz and this coming Monday will be to celebrate our new IP services.