Saturday, February 21, 1998

Raje @ CristineRose Gallery

There's a new Superhero in Gotham, and in case you didn't know, "Raje" (pronounced Rajeh) is her name. Clad in a Red, Yellow, and Green Uber Bathing Suit (think Wonder Woman of the Reggae Nation), knee high boots and a good cause, Raje was making an appearance at the CristineRose Galley in Chelsea on Saturday, Feb. 21. The vast gallery space was comfortably packed with people from the fashion, music, and art world. A "decidedly non-web event" as JP Frenza (Earthpledge) said. He and Leslie Hoffman (Exec. Dir., Earthpledge) were part of the organization that produced the glossy over-sized prints depicting our heroine helping enslaved people everywhere. The best example of this was the one in which Raja led two modern versions of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben out of their product boxes. Earthpledge is involved in many great causes; their mission is to promote sustainable development--balancing the desire for economic growth with the necessity of environmental protection--for non-profits. They produce educational programs, access to technology and websites, and showcase solutions that integrate growth and equity in public policy. A partnership with Microsoft forming Showcase New York offers actual hardware and software and training to the greater New York community. Its events and efforts like these that will bring the internet and new technology more fully into every aspect of community life, benefiting the world at large. Hurrah Raja and Earthpledge!