Thursday, February 12, 1998, Thrive Online + Infoseek's "new media Love-fest"

SIGNS SHOUTING "Dozen Roses: $5.00" this week are painful reminders of the Hallmark-greeting-card holiday that occurred last week: Valentine's Day., Thrive Online, and Infoseek hosted a "new media Love-fest" on Feb. 12. (Just enough time to maybe find a Sweetheart). The Merc Bar in Soho was the scene of the crime, and I met a lovely couple who met on and married just 5 months ago: Natalie and Andrew Grengross met online in Sept. 1995 and in person in March 1997. Natalie admitted that using was an "interesting, low risk, experience." Living in England at the time while Andrew was here in fair Gotham, Natalie spoke of the common feeling many people have of wanting to believe in the idea of your soulmate out in the world. I'd say she found hers. Other hopefuls (?) enjoying the cocktails and raffles were Ben Allen and Tom Hespos (both formerly of Y&R's Army Group and now of K2), Megan Owen of Thrive, John David and the always friendly Myles Weissleder (i-traffic). David Markus, co-founder of Thrive bubbled that after 2 years of being based in San Fran, they will be
opening a New York office this week. 

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)