Sunday, February 08, 1998

Konami of America's NBA All Star Game

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! The NBA All Star Game and parties were all around. I was a special guest at Konami of America, Inc.'s private reception with 1997 All-Star Game MVP, Glen Rice on Feb. 8, at Madison Square Garden's Charley O's. As promised by Michael Terpin of The Terpin Group, Glen was around for questions, photos, and a sneak preview of Konami's N64 and latest PlayStation game "NBA In the Zone '98." Other guests included a team of representatives from "Sports Illustrated for Kids" and "NBA Inside Stuff." We all oohed at Rice's toned body that swished around a court in the world premiere of the product's new commercial starring the shooting guard. He signed basketballs and then jetted across the street to perform an incredible game, finishing as the game's second highest shooter. The invite said Hors d'oeuvres and drinks
would be served and between takes of Konami's Puri Puri Canvas (photo ID stickers) amusement, everyone filled up in traditional game spirit.
(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)