Saturday, February 14, 1998

Sweater magazine, SoundScan, Concrete Marketing's celebration

THE RED VELVET curtained-encased room oozed with music and magazine industry folks at Sweater Magazine, SoundScan, and Concrete Marketing's celebration of launching of their first issue with the new Electronic Soundscan Chart that will be running in Sweater at Spy Bar in Soho on Tuesday. Lounging in old chaises and chairs, leaning 'gainst velvet wallpapered walls, and exuding an excitable energy, the hip crowd coolly waited for the special guests Novamute Records' Luke Slater (UK) and DJ X-Rae to show up. Free Smirnoff drinks calmed some, others were mellow on their own-like Dan Deming (proofreader at Forbes) and his girlfriend Liz Koch (college radio promotions, Ignition Records). They came 'cause they knew John Davis (Concrete Marketing). Concrete's Bob Chiappard said, "The underground electronic music scene has been gaining more and more notoriety . . . and driven by the recent music festivals and burgeoning electronic club scene." I'll say -- it doesn't stop!