Monday, February 23, 1998

Silicon Alley Bowl

While no one saved the day at the Silicon Alley Bowl Monday, Feb. 23, a few underdogs surfaced to save their games. Bowlmor Lanes once again hosted the competition between a select group of new media firms chosen by the Alley's original female heroine -- Cybergrrl! NetGuide and Red #40 were initiated to the festivities of pizza, drinks and good-natured competition in another "decidedly non-web event." NetGuide must've been practicing over the weekend 'cause they came in first, with cumulative scores of 143. Red#40 must've been busy back at the office as they ranked just 108. Concrete Media was close behind NetGuide at 136 and Cybergrrl, not to be outdone totally got the Bronze medal with 112. Interport did a fine job at the last 'Bowl but only got 102 and the T3 Media folks just enjoyed the night without competing too hard, bowling an 88. The high scoring bowlers were (drum roll please), Julie Roth of NetGuide (bowled a 175) and Mike DiBianco of Concrete Media (bowled a 236). Despite the tough competition in the Silicon Alley, the Bowling Alley is home to sheer fun. (Just in case you're curious and want to flex some bowling muscle, here are the overall 1998 standings: NetGuide--143, Interport--125, Concrete Media--110, Cybergrrl--110, Red #40--108, Darwin Digital--91, T3 Media--88, Yahoo!--78)