Thursday, December 11, 1997

WWWAC's Holiday Party Benefitting MOUSE

We're just two weeks away from the new year and people still startle me when they say "See you next year!" Yet here it is, near the end of 1997. And that meant it was time for the annual Silicon Alley blowout: the WWWAC holiday party.

I freely admit that this will be a super-biased account of the bash. I helped to plan, promote, and host it. Doubling as a benefit for MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education) the party at Irving Plaza on Dec. 11 managed to draw a good-sized crowd, despite all the competition that night.

The evening started off with the thrilling voice of Toby Williams and artful jazz musicality of Cocktail Angst. Early arrivals benefited chomped on the half dozen six-foot long submarine sandwiches from Manhattan Deli. (Thanks to SonicNet for tipping me off to this great place!) An open bar featuring local brewer Gidon's Original Sin Hard Cider warmed up anyone left cold from the vast dazzle of Javits and the chilly night. Glenn Hauman and Shara Zoll wowed the wallflowers with some very fancy footwork on the dance floor, with Brandy's (Glenn's wife) permission of course.

A bit later, the Bari Koral Band played and once again almost stopped the show (er, party). Almost as mesmerizing was the artwork Rainbow Heart and his assistant Kimba painted on people's faces and bodies. [He labored over my eyes and when finished, the effect was part mermaid, part Indian princess, I'm told.] Other guests had accentuated mustaches, hearts painted on chests, and sparkly swirly effects above eyebrows.] Even DJ Jon Spooner of Netmix, who spun tunes between bands, had dramatic Superhero eyebrows. Filling out the fun filled activities were Michael Chaut of Monday Night Magic and Caricatures by Akbar. I was a lucky Cinderella in a beautiful hand painted-silk dress made especially for me by Russian fashion designer Anya Eliashevich.

The beauty of the Internet was prevalent this night as I got to meet two of our @NY international readers: Karl Karlsson of Mindscape Interactive AB in Sweden, and Laurent Lathieyre of W3Cube in France.

For pics of two of New York new media's top sages and my Mermaid/Indian princess look, check out the website --

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)