Monday, December 08, 1997

Canadian Consulate g-Digital Summit E-Commerce

Monday, Dec. 8 -- The Canadian Consulate of New York and g-Digital's Summit on E-Commerce aimed to bring together Canadian and U.S. new media firms to share ideas, create new ones, and generate biz opportunities. That same night, I was rubbing elbows with Mayor Giuliani and First Lady Donna Hanover at Gracie Mansion. Skitch Henderson was honored with the Handel Medallion and we listened to a piece by George Shearing just for Henderson.Many other music aficionados, notable New Yorkers, and other New York Pops supporters were on hand. It was a fine, elegant evening and reminded me of all the deep treasures the city has to offer in so many different industries. Meanwhile over in No Man's Land at the Javits Center, Silicon Alley met IWorld head-on as BizSig entrepreneur Miles Rose premiered his Silicon Alley morale building flick, "Why New York Works for New Media" and introduced Microsoft chief technologist Nathan Myhrvold to Silicon Alley.The peanut gallery included the likes of Fred Wilson and Jerry Colonna of Flatiron Partners, Microsoft's Howard Greenstein, and Ken Jordan who is now working for Andersen Lemke.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)