Tuesday, December 02, 1997

NYNMA Super Cyber Suds

Ah yes, Thanksgiving. A time to begin reflection on the first feast where two different peoples gathered to share in mutual bounty and benefit, and to remember all the things we are thankful for.

As I sit far away from the bustle of the Metropolis, I reflect on the good quiet country life. Snow on the ground, hearty healthy meals, family, and a chance to rejuvenate before the blizzardy days of the Holiday Season smack us in the face like a gust of cold wind.

Monday, November 24th was a good barometer of what's to come. The crowds swarmed in the Puck Building for the NYNMA's Super Cyber Suds and created a flurry of old and new happy faces. Strategically poised near the entrance was @NY and the SAR. @NY had brand spanking new buttons with the impactful new logo, and SAR ordered greasy pizzas at the last minute to satiate underfed sudsers. Catering was provided by La Casalinga and NYDelivery.com, but you know what an appetite schmoozing and browsing demo tables can be. A bevy of demos there were indeed. Companies represented included: Wille H Productions, Push Media Group (http://www.pushmedia.net), Touchscreen Media Group (http://www.touchscreen.com), The Duck Corporation (http://www.duck.com), and NetStakes (http://www.netstakes.com). A complete listing is at NYNMA's website (http://www.nynma.org). During the schmooze fest, while I was stationed at the @NY table, Miles Rose was filming various industry folk for a presentation on the web. Of course by the time I got up there Miles bemoaned that they "just finished taping and I missed it." Funny how there was enough tape left for Andrew Raisej though... Hmph.

There were other events going on this week, but this reporter was busy tending to some transitional events in her life -- i.e. investigating "bomb threats" and new job notices!

Be thankful you didn't have to deal with that amidst the party circuit. But I would like to invite all of you to send me an e-mail (courtney@atnewyork.com) with what you're thankful of, and I will post them in The Scene -- and start a Think Thank Board.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)