Wednesday, December 03, 1997

CanApple Vancouver conference

Continuing on my travel mode, two days later I flew to Vancouver, British Columbia on Thursday, December 3rd. I was bestowed an honor from Matt Toner of The Canadian Consulate in New York, and co-director of the CanApple program, to speak with two other Silicon Alley-ers at a panel discussion on New York and new media. The newly formed New Media BC non-profit, similar to our NYNMA, has panels and networking events for members in the British Columbia territory with an interest in new media. Put on in conjunction between CanApple, New Media BC, Industry Canada and Deloitte and Touche at the geodesic dome Science Fair in downtown Vancouver the event was a classy introduction to the new media scene in BC. Jane Green, executive director of New Media BC, is a talented and dynamic woman whose energy and vision will take this organization far. I spoke first, providing a backdrop for the event and background on Silicon Alley and how the NY new media community and industry has grown and developed since the early days in 1994. Garnet Hernaman, co-founder and CEO of University Ventures, Inc. gave much-desired advice to the audience with simple, clear points on how to go about getting venture capital. Recounting the trials and tribulations of the experience for an Irish company doing business in New York, with a bit of humor thrown in, Niall Swan gave the attendees a sense of how foreign firms can survive in NYC and the new media community. Rounding out the session Matt Toner explained the CanApple program and how the Canadian government and Canadian organizations like his can assist interested new media professionals.

Believing in the importance of knowing who's who and who does what, I set out in Vancouver to discover some interesting companies and the people who run them. And what a discovery I made! I am so impressed with the amount of talent in this town, the professionalism of every person I met, and the energy and activity going on in this beautiful city.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)