Friday, December 05, 1997

Web Writers in the Flesh

EXOTIC ANTIQUE textiles were the backdrop in the Manhattan Internet Lounge ( for "Web Writers in the Flesh" ( Xander Mellish in a bright orange silk cocktail dress was the final of six poets and writers to perform on December 2. Each writer read a piece of their work in a multimedia fashion. Xander read from her own "Glory & the Golden Age" with the Duke Ellington song "Caravan" in the background. Her stage was decorated with large white foam board cutouts of Manhattan skyscrapers. CyberGrrl Aliza Sherman was there with some folks from CBS, whom she is consulting for. Also present was Sturges Warner, a theatrical director, who is collaborating on a dramatic piece with Mellish. Another highlight of the evening was Alison Dorfman reading some of her poems about high school life in the '80s. The audience roared as they had samosas and magaz, Indian specialties complements of Kumar Kalantri, director of the Gallery 678 in the MIL.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)