Saturday, October 18, 1997

Ken Schaffer's Birthday Extravaganza

Not only are Halloween and new technology-related parties sprouting up, but birthday's are as well... Ken Schaffer ( celebrated his 50th with a close group of friends on Sat. Oct. 18 at roof top party.

Alla Kliouka and Kibo (Ken's wife and son, respectively) made everyone feel at home with hugs and lots of caviar. Dietmar Petutschnig (Image Info Inc.) and I chatted for a while on his recent trip to Paris for the fashion shows.

Seeing as his company builds image databases, the fashion companies have been a logical client base for him. Richard Brand (Adult & Adolescent Psychiatry) who has a different client base, and I spoke of how he could publish some of his medical articles. He and his lovely wife Jane and I also talked about his earlier career in the music industry. How many of you remember "Walk Away Renne" by Left Banke? Dr. Ivan Eliashevich, another Dr. -- of Semiconductors at Emcore (, and his talented wife Anya (Fashion Designer -- and I spoke at length of my time in Moscow, traveling, and Russia.

The Russian Web Girls ( came in and soon everyone was dancing! (PS. Look for me in an exclusive dress designed for me by Anya at the Upcoming 3rd Annual WWWAC Holiday party.)

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)