Thursday, October 30, 1997

E-pub's "Uproar"ious launch

Speaking of beasts, E-Pub launched their new game Up-Roar at their offices up the street from the Soho Grand on Oct. 30th. Tarot card readers tamed the wild curious party-goers desiring to know their future. Nestled between smooth light oak Ikea (?) desks with an assortment of colored votive candles and Peacock feathers around the office, Myles Weissleder, Lesla Pflager, and Shlomi Ron (all from down the hall at I-Traffic) waited in line, numbers in hand to find out what lie ahead for them. If they were lucky, they didn't get bopped in the nose by one of the Boxing Nun puppets that made their way around the office on the dexterous hands of Robert Lo Cascio (President of Sybarite Interactive) or Michael Simon and Timothy Ewing, Managing Directors of E-Pub. Mike entertained me with visions of Hungary, which is E-Pub's home base, as Paris in the 1920's. Coming to NYC in the Spring of 1995 he began development of Cosmos Conundrum. "Sebastian" in a peach polyester suit had batman painted face of purple and blue. Bob Ponce and Miles Rose (Two of WWWAC's new Board Members)were there with Brand Dialogue's kewl crew (including Asi Zuriel, formerly of Web Partners, and Samantha Sancho, just back from vacationing in beautiful Trinidad).

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)