Thursday, October 09, 1997

A Chaotic Webcinema Party

CHAOS WAS THE WELL-NAMED venue for Webcinema and CNI Cinema's party Tuesday celebrating the upcoming feature film production "Silicon Alley."

The invitation promised "the Digerati and Gliterati converge," but I think it was more just a lot of actors posing for Jonathan Sarno and a few producers. Witness tall, svelte, milky-skinned Rhonda Roenfeldt, who was pulling all the stops to get "Spyder" Sarno to cast her in his movie. With six years of high fashion modeling (at Click Agency) and more than a year of acting under her tiny belt she was ready for the ask. And with a credit from the MTV Promo show "Austin Power's Psychedelic Pussy Cat Swingers Club," it was straight to the front of the line, Baby.

Canadian Consulate types Jonathan Faber and Matthew Toner were also in attendance. I learned exclusively that @NY editor Tom Watson has been cast as a Damon Runyon ink-stained journalist type in the film, but may be balking at a proposed nude scene. After an argument with the bartender and Sarno over whether I should order water of a cosmopolitan, I grabbed a T-shirt and headed for the balcony.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)