Thursday, July 24, 1997

Our Square's Up-set Annual Summer Membership Party

WHILE WE'VE HAD OUR FAIR share of rain these past few weeks, its no good reason to get upset. The torrential rain didn't dampen any spirits (booze or moral) at the Up-Set Annual Summer Membership Party for NYC and Boston members of Our Square ( on Thursday, July 24th, sponsored by NY Sports Club, Samuel Adams, John Allan's, and Brooklyn Brewery. The online service caters to Ivy League graduates, building a virtual community around topics like work and relationships. Guests included cyber-scribe Katherine Cavanaugh, Mark Filstrup (producer, CKS/Site Specific), Pamela Vitale (freelance, creative concept, art direction), and Jason Kuffer (Vyne). Jason has been busy since I last saw him at a Spin Doctors Cybercast, by just completing the Ford Foundation site. Emi Clark (head of production, Time Warner) commented on the demographics of the party and its objectives and thought it was "a narrow niche." Narrow, but specific. Janine Savarese (Fordham '97, Middleberg & Associates) along with her two friends, Victoria Grantham and Jessica Steckroth (John Hopkins '96) seemed knowledgeable and savvy about this medium.

Up-Set founder James Marciano distinguished himself in a corduroy jacket and the inspiration for this start-up, "it was a personal statement against AOL." He also coordinated this event with a sister party at the same time in Boston as well. Thanks to the sponsors, there was a 1st prize raffle for one month free membership at the NY Sports Club, and 2nd Prize of full treatment at John Allan's Salon.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)