Tuesday, July 22, 1997

MOVERS AND SHAKERS - published 7/22/97

Jesse Erlbaum, lead programmer/IT director of Vanguard Media, has been at it again! His "appearance" on the Howard Stern show on 7/16 was prompted by a website he created as a spoof of Howard's arch-rival, Tom Barnard. The conversation continues to show that Stern is one of the most computer savvy broadcasters on the air today. Some of Jesse's other spoof sites include: http://www.nynma.com and http://wwwac.com/.  *

Tom Russ will be leaving as director of sales for Neuman & Bogdonoff Caterers to pursue interests in the New Media arena. Tom was responsible for putting N&B on the map as "Silicon Alley's premiere catering company" through ads placed in @NY and other aggressive marketing tactics including sending cookie platters as bribes (Yum!). *

Ted Werth has left Digital City to team up with news-timely (see above) Andrew Rasiej and Michael Dorf, co-producers of the Intel New York Music Festival to launch a music-centered online content company. *

US Interactive (http://www.usinteractive.com) was selected by the National Football League (http://www.nfl.com) for NFL Media Web site Project

The folks from YORB have since gone off the air with their terrific interactive TV show, but are currently working on a new project called Neighborhood Web. With a portable viewer using GPS technology, users will be able to see web pages about the exact place where they're standing. This opens the door for anything from open-air Michelin guides (the old museum audio tour breaking its boundaries) to multi-user real-time games in real space -- Laser Tag meets Doom. Our students will be building some samples in the next few months -- check out www.neighborhoodweb.com starting the first week of August.

Think New Ideas (part of Omnicom's Communicade unit) has a pending acquisition of new media shop Stir Associates (http://www.stir.net). Stir President Chris McCarthy was unavailable for comment.

Alex Chaffee resigned from Earthweb within the last two weeks.

Dan Phillips, Editor of Web Surfer Travel Journal, has completed a revision of FOUR CORNERS my internet travel book "Four Corners" (http://edge.edge.net/~dphillip/fourcorners.html).

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)