Wednesday, July 02, 1997

I-Traffic's New Digs

I-Traffic--the online media buyers who specialize in driving traffic to sites for Hearst, Disney and other clients--managed to drive lots of traffic to their new corporate digs at 375 Broadway for an office opening party on Wednesday, July 2nd. Giveaways included frisbees and wind-sparkler-mobiles. Coming up in the elevator I spoke with Primus of Sensenet, and Chopping Block's Matthew Richmond. Laura Petrecca, reporter for Advertising Age and I exchanged deadline quips and spoke for a bit with Mary Dawne Arden. Ms. Arden, a marketing and media consultant, is a Professor at NYU for Speech and Communications, and came out of a career in show business and running modeling and charm schools. Quite the career path, no? Justin Green and Uta Knablein of GCDI reveled in our plans of traveling across the country with Greg Ellin in the 2nd Silicon Alley to Valley Rally.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)