Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Nerve Magazine's launch

Nerve Magazine (covered in the 4/11 issue of @NY) (http://www.nervemag.com) had their website launch party at Rivertown Lounge in the upcoming trendy way east village on 7/22. Editors Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Field were on hand to discuss the site and its content. Genevieve enthusiastically spoke of the "thriving nature of the net" and how exciting it is to be a part of something that is so new and visionary. Echoing the importance of expression on the net, she further mentioned that Nerve actually launched on the day the CDA was thrown out. Its refreshing speaking with women who are impassioned about their work (and maintain a sense of style: being clad in a fantastic Vivian Tam dress - reemphasizing the importance to add a bit of color to all our wardrobes!)

Other Nervy-revelers included Richard Metzger; Jose Caballero of Razorfish; Lauren Young of Smart Money magazine; Richard Laermer of RLM (who wrote "Get On With It" published by Doubleday) and was on hand to say, "Gallant men are alive and well and living in Hoboken;" Ron Sukenick, a contributing writer (http://www.altx.com) and his wife Julia Frey (http://www.colorado.edu/~freyj), donning an alien-tentacled-inspired wire necklace purchased in Paris; Cartoonist Dame Darcy; Jack Mason, Exec. Producer of Pathfinder; Andrew Susman of Time, Inc.; Kol, who just launched a women's line of clothing; and Steve Gelsi of Forbes (http://www.forbes.com).

Other notable guests were John Perry Barlow brought along two of this 3 beautiful daughters spoke to me briefly about their part of  "Anthem," a film screened as part of ECHO's Alt.Film series. He said he was "proud to be a part of it" and felt it was a "wonderful tribute to American culture." Photographs of naked people adorned the exposed brick walls, free Kremly Vodka martinis floated around, and whispers of Quentin Crisp arriving kept the Lounge packed and brimming with conversations.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)