Wednesday, July 30, 1997

NewCentury Networks party

"WHERE CAN YOU FIND the original Chicken Fried Steak?"* This plus many more intriguing questions were played with at the NewCentury Networks party on Wednesday, July 30th in the Sculpture Galley Garden on Lafayette Street.

Featuring local culinary treats and beers from many of the locations where NewsWorks has an affiliated newspaper, clients could eat and drink their way through the NewsWorks network and across the country. Amidst tables strewn with cute funky patio lights of fish, pigs, and 1950's styled cars, Sheila Young, Director of Marketing Services for NCN explained how advertising space can be bought for as little or as much of the network of paper's sites as a client would like. Gregory Bender of BD Interactive, which produced the Internet Advertising Bureau Web site ( and Miles Weissleder of i-traffic ( washed back their mussels from the raw bar with Blackened Voodoo beer from New Orleans. Regional music from the localities filled the air as did the jealous stares toward the lucky winners of one of the many unique raffle prizes (like lobsters from Maine, and wine from California).

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)