Friday, September 21, 2001

More benefits - past and future

As reported above, most every event this week took on a new purpose and raised money for the various funds set up to assist in efforts after the disaster on Tuesday.
The Grimaldi Group, a private equity consultancy specialized in operations management, announced plans to launch an international rescue fund to facilitate the recovery of businesses ravaged in the terrorist attack on New York City. They are involving large and small institutions, including banking groups, large corporations, and governments to finance small businesses of New York that need assistance.

The members of America's movie theatre industry have identified Tuesday, September 25th, 2001 as "Victims' Benefit Day at the Movies." On this day, 100% of ticket and concession sales at participating movie theatres nationwide will be donated to the September 11th Fund of the United Way, and the American Red Cross for this disaster and the emerging needs resulting from this tragedy. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross and 50% will be donated to the United Way. A list of participating theatre companies is at: the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) website.

Hotjobs's director of Public Relations, Fianna Sogomonyan, sent out an email announcing a Web site some of her friends created: Their hopes are that it will serve as a growing memorial to the survivors, the missing and the deceased, and also provide forensic clues for identifying the dead. The site is similar to other sites in that it provides the names of victims, but it gives users the opportunity to enter detailed information about their loved ones and upload a photo. It also enables users to search the database by name, enabling people to hopefully find their loved ones. This site has no affiliation to HotJobs and for more information about this site, please e-mail its creator, Allen Murabayashi, at:

Laurel Touby, of Media Bistro fame, is hosting her next cocktail party for media types as a voluntary Red Cross fund-raising drive Tuesday night, September 25th.

The New York eComm set up a donation section on their site for the American Red Cross. NYNMA has a list of helpful resources and information.