Friday, September 14, 2001

Courtney’s Compilation of Helpful Numbers, Resources and Action Items

Useful websites with more links than listed here:

Report to the FBI any information about the tragic acts of terrorism upon the United States:


American Red Cross, cash donations - (800) HELP-NOW
American Red Cross, blood donations - (800) 448-3543
Salvation Army, cash donations - (800) SAL-ARMY
Doctors willing to volunteer their help should call (518) 431-7600
Blood donors in upstate New York may call (800) 448-3543 or (800) 272-4543; donors in the New York City region may call (800) 692-5663 or (800) 933-2566 is enabling people to support relief efforts by making a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. You can contribute from $1 to $100--any donation is greatly appreciated. ALL donated money will go to the Red Cross to help victims of this and other is waiving its usual fees.

* The United Way of New York City and the New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families. The September 11th Fund has been set up to provide immediate support to emergency assistance agencies. Contributions will be used to respond to the urgent needs of victims and their families. Donations should be sent care of United Way of New York City, 2 Park Ave, New York, New York, 10016, or call 212-251-4035. Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's Web site:

Webgrrls is arranging for tech support and data entry for the Red Cross at their location on Amsterdam Avenue. Contact Eileen Shulock for more information: 212-260-7882. nyc@WEBGRRLS.COM


U.S. State Department Task Force - (703) 302-6851
Justice Dept. Office of Victims of Crime (national clearinghouse for victims and family members) - (800) 331-0075
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - (202) 646-4600

Information on Employees/People within the WTC’s/Pentagon/Airplanes during the time of the attack
American Airlines - (800) 245-0999
United Airlines - (800) 932-8555
Morgan Stanley (World Trade Center tragedy hotline) - (888) 883-4391, visit or e-mail
Bear Stearns - (877) 826-2327
Oppenheimer -
Deutsche Bank - (410) 895-2029
Cantor Fitzgerald Crisis Center — (212) 940-8162; (212) 940-8482; (212) 940-8492; (212) 893-6073
eSpeed — (866) 326-3188
Empire Blue Cross — (866) 761-8265
Carr Futures — (800)-755-7620
Lee Hecht Harrison — (201) 782-3704
Securities and Exchange Commission (employees) — (877) 404-3222
Port Authority (employees) — (973) 565-5501
Aon Corporation — (866) 256-4154
Weatherly Securities (employees and clients) — (800) 835-3015
Pentagon personnel - (877) 663-6772
Empire Blue Cross employees - (866) 761-8265

St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center (NYC) Patients' Hotline - (212) 604-7285
Marriott Assistance Center - (866)-866-9928 (from outside the U.S. and Canada, call collect at (941)-541-1725 - contains updated list of survivors, along with their condition when appropriate.

Positive, Healing, Helpful Action Items

Candlelight Vigil:
At 7:00 p.m. EST step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle.   We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism.  Please pass
this to everyone on your e-mail list.  We need to reach everyone across the United States.

Buying Stocks:
Based on an email: “No doubt you have heard dire predictions about the financial devastation that will occur when the US stock market re-opens. This will be a second devastating attack on America if we allow it to happen. We DON'T have to allow it to happen. Here's what YOU can do to help prevent it... 

When the markets re-open, in a show of support and solidarity, BUY at least one share of stock in a U.S. company. Open your minds to imagine what a SLAP in the face of terrorism it would be if the American markets actually RISE instead of PLUNGE when they re-open! Can you think of a STRONGER message we could send to those who would seek to destroy our way of life? If you DON'T own stock and don't have a stock account, you can do it quickly and easily and cheaply. This e-mail is sponsored by no one, so if you also have a suggestion for people without stock accounts, please add that information before you forward this e-mail. This e-mail is started by an average citizen just like you. WE can create an unbelievably POSITIVE revolution by participating wholeheartedly in this movement to support the US economy. If we all participate in a massive stock sell off, then we are BOWING to terrorism. We do NOT have to do that. We have a choice. People by the hundreds of thousands are lining up to donate one pint of blood. Think of the effect we can have if we line up in the same way to "donate" to the American economy! For very little money you can DO something to show would-be terrorists that they will NOT win. 

If you are willing to dismiss this because you are "just one person," then look at the footage that's being replayed constantly on the TV and consider the tremendous impact that just a dozen people had on our world yesterday. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Take part in this revolution and forward this e-mail to everyone on your mailing list. We can reverse the tide of the finanical carnage throughout the world just by doing that. WHEN THE US MARKETS RE-OPEN, BUY AT LEAST ONE SHARE OF STOCK IN A U.S COMPANY. Imagine the headlines we will read when we all make this happen..."US Financial Victory -- Of the People, By the People, and For the People." Respond with STRENGTH instead of FEAR when the US Markets open. In that way, and ONLY in that way, WE win!

Local Sites Around the Country

Alex Chaffee -- -- updates on people in NY, stories, survivors

The Recognition Group Team – --  coordinating office space, supplies for local companies

Business Relief Diaster Fund -- -- The Code Factory, working in conjunction with lending institutions and technical partners, is offering its services free and at cost for any business or organization affected by the tragedy surrounding the WTC. The Code Factory's Business Disaster Relief Effort offers flexible payment and financing terms on the hardware, software and services required in this time of need. The program is specially designed to give budgets the extra boost it deserves in the wake of this month's events.

Gaspedal offers “Stay Strong” tips: subscribe: with “subscribe
staystrong” in the body has set up their Web site to allow people to DONATE office space to
displaced WTC companies.  Any revenue that we receive on those listings for donated space will be donated by us to the September 11th Fund operated by the United Way of NYC to provide aid to the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families.

Coaches from Around the Country Volunteering Their Services for those in need of experts in grief, loss, stress and trauma. If you or someone you know is in need of support due to the tragic and traumatic events on September 11, 2001 please let me know.  People in need of support should email or or call toll free 866.244.9441, 212.244.9441, 212.706.0092 or 917.969.5407.  Since our offices are in NYC we are having trouble with phone lines so email works better.