Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Here's to the Future! or

Continuing the theme of "what do we do now?" MindArray's Tery Spataro and Viant's Marylyn Dintenfass hosted an open forum to enable some of Silicon Alley concerned netizens to get together and talk about the future of the industry. As Tery wrote in her email invite, "in order to predict the future we must collectively imagine it, see it prospering and growing in a positive direction. Let's not let the media and rumors be our self-fulfilling prophecy." Here, here! We're the over-riding expressions for the night. Among the vocal attendees were M.J. Segal Principal Mike Segal, Unplugged Games' Eric Goldberg, Gary Welz, David Blumenstein Plan B's Katie Gallagher, Adrienne Matt, The Interactive Resource's Christine Harmel, Eisnor Interactive's Jen Nash and Vizy Interactive's Andrew Edwards. American Express Director of Online Marketing and Koko Interactive's Glen Lipka and Katie Peters were also active participants. Richmond Research's Lou Giacalone and Richard A. Eisner's Bruce J Strzelczyk also added perspective. By the end of the night, results of the conversation were interesting. Let's start each telling the positive side of what's going on. Let's make sure the press knows about the success stories -- they need new material, and the "doom-and-gloom" aspect is getting old. So stay tuned for a Web site coming your way soon!