Monday, January 15, 2001

Rsvp in NYCity, Go to Utah

Starting the week off, RsvpNYCity had their launch party and Sundance Film Festival Sendoff on Monday, January 15th, at Solas. Dewars, IndieWire, GenArt and UPOC were among an assortment of film-related organizations that sponsored the evenings festivities. Upoc even took advantage of the scene by providing branded stretchy gloves for all those independent filmmakers heading out to Park City, UT. GlobeFinancial CEO Martin White and CAP Gemini's Julio Cassels joined filmmakers Bruno Hadjadj and Thomas Rugani as they inspected a table displaying dot-com artifacts. RsvpNYCity's Jeffery Abramson and Mitchell Rosen came over with greetings, while Upoc's VP of Operations Alex LeVine and VP of marketing Gregg Clayman made a killing signing up users for their wireless alerts and taking silly pictures of friends. Upoc's Christine Courtney and New York Magazine's Amy LaRocca were among the fashionably attired females at the event, where guests danced the night away even as the party winded down.