Thursday, January 11, 2001

And on the Upside

With only moments to spare, I jetted from the WWWAC election review in the Canadian Consulate down to 1500 Broadway for the launch of UpsideFN. That's right. Upside magazine is launching it's version of Financial News. It's only three hours of programming a day (repeated), but they're gearing up for broadcasting much more solid information. They start the day off with Dawn Patrol, which is an hour of live pre-market information, and follow it up with Market Update segments throughout the day.

The recording studios were a delight in do-it-yourself systems. All high end equipment - a laptop here, a sound board there, big mics and computer monitors all arranged strategically on an ample sized desk. Jason Farley, managing editor of Upside Financial Network, showed me their new offices, which house thirteen staffers, mostly for the FN department but with some writers (online and magazine) and sales. Upside's CEO and Editor-in-Chief David Bonnell and President Scott Hunter were on hand to answer questions, chat with guests and show their approval for this new venture into cyberspace. Onwards and upwards!

Upside's CEO and Editor-in-Chief correct spelling is David Bunnell. And J.T. (James Thomas) Farley is the managing editor, not Jason. The correct stats of the staff are: 13 in the Radio department; entire office has 19 when you count in the other departments.