Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's the Big Idea?

Find out at Wired's magazine's NextFest!  Wired hosted a host of events in the present for its multiple day event on the future.  Starting with a private reception, on Wednesday, September 27, to celebrate the opening of the future (and conference) at the Javits Center, Chris Anderson welcomed guests to imbibe and chat while viewing the amazing new machines that will help our lives personally and professionally.  The next night, at the New York Public Library, Chris conversed with Stanford Law School professor and Wired columnist (among other things) Lawrence Lessig.  They mused over what will happen to our culture and economy as we shift from mass-everything to massive niche things and what stands in the way of truly having unlimited choices.  Do we really want that though?  I get overwhelmed just visiting Wholefoods, let alone a universe of choices!  I am all for innovation and advancement in terms of security and gadgets to make life easier.  And yet, once again, it seems we need gadgets to manage our gadgets!  Tonight there's a special concert at Irving Plaza with Peeping Tom and DJ Diplo; a benefit for Creative Commons, which truly is a sign of our most recent (and future) times.  It's still going on at the Javits till September 30—as is BarCampNYC2!