Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Next Big Idea east 2006

2006. What will be next? That's the big question at events like the VNU Media properties' The Next Big Idea east 2006 ( conference. Held at the Millennium Broadway Hotel on Thursday, September 14th the conference posited questions about how to target consumers in this increasingly crowded advertising world. Companies who advertise on our dry cleaning bags, coffee cups, pizza boxes (Encompass Outdoor) proclaim to match media with lifestyles. Yahoo! Media Group head of marketing Karin Timpone opened the conference with some of her solutions on how to reach consumers in the increasing fragmented new media world today.

Clio Awards executive director Ami Brophy announced the Clio Content & Contact winners. In 2003 they added this category to address the dynamic methods with which companies can reach consumers these days.

Lunchtime featured the Buzz Awards. Other panels were on how viral, mobile and online user-generated content is shaping the future of advertising. Renegade Marketing Group CEO Drew Neisser sat on a panel discussing recent guerrilla marketing tactics involving dirty clothes, tiny bubbles and other on and offline effortsand what worked and what didn't.

Ji Lee made a social commentary via guerrilla marketing tactics with his Bubble Project. If you ever wanted to graffiti but were afraid of getting in trouble, then this project is for you! You'll also enjoy PLEASEENJOY -- I did!

Of course the lawyers had to have their .02 with the fine print in their panel on legal challenges for these exploding media formats and channels.