Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NYCwireless September Meeting

I first met Molly Steenson at South by Southwest in 2000 when she was promoting her award-winning webzine Maxi and worked at Scient and then Razorfish.  Today she's
researching historical precedents for mobile, social interactions in architecture at Yale and spoke at the NYCWireless group's meeting held at NYU's ITP on September 27th on her ethnographic research in Bangalore, India, on mobile phone sharing between the classes. While at Microsoft Research India and discovered that, regardless of class,  mobile phones are shared in a variety of ways. With the diverse background and interests, it's no wonder she's a!

* Happy Birthday Fotki!
Wednesday, September 27 was Fotki's Birthday!!!!!!!!  They're 8-years old! Perhaps you're wondering just what is this "fotki" all about?  Fotki is a familiar little term for "photos" in Russian.  The first version was released as a personal site by current president, Dmitri Don, together with Katrin Lilleoks in their New York City apartment.  It was a hobby and a place for them, their friends and relatives living in different countries to share their photos.  It was also the initial and current home for all Cyber Scene photos! 

From 1999 when friends got the Fotki community snowballing to 5,000 members in 2000.  Just a year later there were 10,000 members and premium membership and online photo printing were introduced. In 2002 when other companies were closing, Fotki was hiring more full-time employees and offered phone customer service.  Yes indeed, someone actually answered the phone to help with any questions!  With over 100,000 members and 15,000,000 photos in 2003, Fotki we moved their servers to a new data center with 24/7 monitoring.  Premium members also got the ability to keep online journals and an option to sell photo prints.  New uploading tools and slideshows made photo sharing more pleasant and Fotki ran its first photo contest!  Continuing its exponential growth, in 2004 they had 400,000 members and 30,000,000 photos hosted and in 2005with 650,000 members and 50,000,000 photos online, users enjoy convenient social bookmarking, RSS feeds, photo tagging, upload by email features, and geotagging. Now, between offices in Europe and the heart of NYC (Times Square), they're poised to take over the space, literally!  Today they have over 1,000,000 members from more than 200 countries and over 100,000,000 photos shared in 12 languages.  Fotki truly is a tremendous international family whose members love their digital photo-home.  They are connecting users the world over and I predict another amazing 8 years (and more)!

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