Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Jen Nash's Farewell...for now

What talents lie beneath the calm, cool exterior of those we know? Sometimes we get a surprise. Although I doubt anyone at Jen Nash’s “So Long, Farewell...for now” party on Wednesday, April 14th at the very swanky (my new favorite place) M Bar in the Mansfield Hotel was surprised at her talents. She has so many! After the Vanessa Trouble (standard singer) finished a number or two of good oldies, our darling Jen got up and became our chanteuse for the night. Her soft, sultry, sexy voice emanated from her equally that wrapped us all up in her charm.

Among the others in her spell were the sharp, witty and always adorable Howard Wanderman and his “Little Mermaid” (but very macho) friend Brian. Tery Spataro stopped in before taking a 5:00 am flight to Jolly Ole England. The tan on David Blumenstein was enviable—he got it at a luxe spa in Phoenix. Women In New Media president Yvette Debow is working on lots of projects, as are Wendy Dubit (The Producers Project) and Barbara Frerichs. The trio of Vernon Steward, David Kidder and Troy Tyler converged and conversed about all their new goings-on. Even Jen’s mum drove down from Ottawa.

And where-oh-where is our fair Jen going? To Pennsylvania to begin her spring training as a Real Estate Mogul! Watch out Donald Trump, your days are numbered!