Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Holistic Health, Meditation and "tuning"

There are 72 names of God, and each one holds a masculine and feminine aspect. The 72 feminine names are the keys of power that can help restore the Divine Mother energy to Earth.  And on this premise, I was intrigued enough to participate in Alok Holistic Health’s meditation and “tuning” on Wednesday, April 28th at the Organic Avenue’s offices on Ludlow Street. After inspecting the wares for sale (hemp clothes, rice cookies, candles and such), eleven of us were gathered, apparently on an “11” day, in a circle with arms outstretched and palms facing upwards. The room resonated with our deep, powerful voices, and afterwards some were transported to new heights of ecstasy, while I felt a bit ….. unaffected. The instructor promised me that over the next few days I would notice significant changes. Could this have subtly affected my spirits? Que sait?! If you’d like to channel these 72 powerful Goddesses yourself, check out:!