Friday, April 23, 2004

Iraq has been a hotbed of controversy since the start and we've been inundated with reports from major (and minor) media throughout. If you really want a ground-level view on life and the pursuit of liberty there, read Christopher Allbritton's daily newsletter-blog for some true "new new journalism."

Highlights include information on:
- Chris's background, which is very interesting
- His first trip to Iraq as the Web's first fully reader-funded journalist-blogger
- The benefits you receive when you donate to the cause (his!)
- His book proposal
- His next (and perhaps permanent) trip to Iraq

[From his inspired-design and content website:] His goal is to be based in Baghdad, freelancing for major organizations and continuing running Chris will be "your man in Baghdad, bringing his voice and experience that he gained during the war back to you." Iraqi people will be front and center.

Please donate to help Chris get Back-to-Iraq and give us the wonderful reporting and insight that he does!

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