Friday, May 24, 2002

TCS Intro ~ 5/24/02


NEW YORK May 24, 2002

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2002 Global Wireless Summit Wows
Stardust Circle & Cocktails ~ What to do with your IRA?!
Other Events? The City's Not Sleeping!
The Cyber Scene in San Francisco ~ by Lorraine Sanders
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* Upcoming Events
May 30th and June 13th:
Some people just have 'it', that indefinable quality that sets them apart from all the others. They've refined their personal style into a personal brand.

Etiquette expert and author Hilka Klinkenberg and networking and internet guru Courtney Pulitzer have joined forces to help you develop your personal style and brand. In a series of 3 mini-workshops based on the corporate branding model, they will help you with your personal product development, your product packaging, and your product promotion.
Workshops will be held on May 22nd, May 30th and June 13th from 6:30 to 9. Refreshments will be served during the ample networking opportunity. To find out more about the program and to register, log onto or call (212) 628-7209.Rsvp


* Courtney's Calendar of Events
Our calendar of select industry events is a must-have companion to the weekly newsletter that covers them after the fact.


Over the past several weeks, some of you may have noticed a change in delivery of this publication. Some of you may have noticed a slower schedule of the Cocktails with Courtney events. Well, never fear, there¹s a good reason behind this seemingly-scattered activity. In fact, I really haven't been scattered at all. I've been quite focused. And what, you may ask, have I been focused on? Well, I've met a wonderful man who¹s captured my heart and whom I'll be marrying in August.
Yes, it's true. The "dot-com doyenee" (The New Yorker, 10/18/2000) and "Tribeca Contessa" (Red Herring, 2/2000) is engaged and has committed herself to one gent. As a result, over the next two months I will continue to be quite preoccupied with the most important event that I'll ever plan-our wedding and reception!
However, this isn't the last you'll have heard from me. I will, of course, continue The Cyber Scene and we still have a few events in June and July. And then, after I return from our honeymoon, I will be back in the saddle again, with some events in the fall.
Oh. In case you're curious as to who this 'mystery man' is, I¹ve created a webpage where you to see us in our blissful happiness! (
Peace, and see you soon!
~ Courtney