Friday, May 24, 2002

Publisher's Note ~ An Announcement

Over the past several weeks, some of you may have noticed a change in delivery of this publication. Some of you may have noticed a slower schedule of the Cocktails with Courtney events. Well, never fear, there¹s a good reason behind this seemingly-scattered activity. In fact, I really haven't been scattered at all. I've been quite focused. And what, you may ask, have I been focused on? Well, I've met a wonderful man who¹s captured my heart and whom I'll be marrying in August.

Yes, it's true. The "dot-com doyenee" (The New Yorker, 10/18/2000) and "Tribeca Contessa" (Red Herring, 2/2000) is engaged and has committed herself to one gent. As a result, over the next two months I will continue to be quite preoccupied with the most important event that I'll ever plan-our wedding and reception!

However, this isn't the last you'll have heard from me. I will, of course, continue The Cyber Scene and we still have a few events in June and July. And then, after I return from our honeymoon, I will be back in the saddle again, with some events in the fall.

Oh. In case you're curious as to who this 'mystery man' is, I¹ve created a webpage where you to see us in our blissful happiness! (

Peace, and see you soon!

~ Courtney