Friday, May 10, 2002

The Cyber Scene in Boulder ~ by Tamar Alexia Fleishman

Celebrity interview of KIM BRUCKNER, champion cyclist with degree in international economics

31 year old Kim Bruckner lives in the mountains of Boulder and has the world at her feet. The daughter of "super athletic" parents who still hike every day and compete in triathlons, as well as Nordic skiing, and the sister of a triathlon competitor, her background is in running. In fact, she started running in junior high school and won a partial scholarship to college. She also has a resume that resembles that of an diplomat. But for now, she is content to be a world-class cyclist.

New to the Saturn Cycling Team in 2001, Kimberly made her mark as a strong stage race rider. In her first race with Saturn, she became the first American woman to ever win the Tour de Suisse. She has won or placed highly in races all over the world. She earned an MA in political science-environmental policy analysis from the University of Denver and a BA in French and international economics from Valparaiso University in Indiana.

When she's not racing, Kim loves reading, running, snow shoeing, snow boarding and hiking. I asked her if she ever thought of working for the White House. "At first, in school, I thought I could. But I love Colorado, though. I love the laid-back atmosphere, the mountains, the nature.

Bruckner is also a burgeoning tech junky. "I mostly use e-mail. Especially when I'm overseas. I love downloading music to my mini-disc player: Elton John, Eurotechno music, Led Zepplin. I have a Toshiba laptop. It's new! We were going to get DSL, but Chris and I are never home. I have a Sony mini disc player. I taught myself how to use it . . . I did word processing through my jobs. I listen to music on the plane or when I'm alone. Plus, when I'm not racing, I'm supposed to relax. So, we all stay off our feet and play on the computer."

She has definite opinions of whether she has to conform to the media's expectations for women to be "sex kittens", like a Gabriella Reese. "I don't see it in cycling, it's not that high profile. Lots of times, you can't even tell who's who with the helmet on! Anyway, Saturn would frown on that. They treat us in a respected manner. They're a car company, it's a healthy image." She mentions that Saturn also has a hand in protecting her privacy. "People follow our personal lives more than you realize. It's a good reminder to make a good impression when we're out, when we're in team clothing. Saturn is careful with our privacy. They tell me when somebody is trying to contact us through their web site."