Wednesday, April 04, 2001

What Sort of Career Should I Have Now?

There were about four panel discussions going on in the Syracuse University Lubin House on 61st Street on Wednesday, April 4th. WWWAC Writers SIG and the Wharton School were among them. Wharton and Syracuse got together for a panel on "Working in the Internet World" for their Career Development program, which featured Primedia Internet Group president ( Bill Day, EB Match president (and president of the Wharton Club of NY) Nigel Edelshain and moi. Bill had many salient points about the silver lining in the current economic status of our industry and the opportunities present. Now is the time to make a mark-when there's not as much competition clouding the view. Nigel was also positive and pointed out several times that almost as many companies need sales and marketing professionals as they do programmers ( I always like to focus on the positives and told the job-seekers and career-builders present that they should "never give up." "Go for it!" I said.