Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Investments and opportunities abound in Sweden!

Leading in design, leading in wireless, leading in IT and beautiful people, Sweden has the appearance of being one of the best countries in the world for many reasons. Its virtues were extolled to a select group of people who attended the Capital Market Sweden Institutional Investor Seminar/Bluetooth on Tuesday, April 24th, at the Swedish Consul General residence on Park Avenue. White curtains wafted in the gentle April breezes, and cool white tulips atop marble tables calmed the senses in the updated, classically serene interior. Starting off the day with a reception, Consul General of Sweden in New York Olle Wastberg welcomed guests with a positive overview of the state of Sweden. Keynotes by Ericsson Technology Licensing Global Area Manager Skip Bryan and Deutsche Bank Scandinavia Senior Wireless Analyst Johan Strandberg filled the afternoon hours as new opportunities, disruptive applications and investment trends for Bluetooth companies were outlined.

Skip pointed out the positive and negative aspects of Bluetooth realities, which revealed key elements of their properties. Below is a chart indicating these elements:

Bad Good
Slow rollout Lots of testing before products
Hype Most of it will come true.
The press They will keep us on our toes.
Demo devils Need to test before we fly
Lack of products They are now launching access points
and networking using short-range

Some time was spent defining personal area networking (PON) and the Bluetooth product hierarchy. Johan talked about investment opportunities and when the market will take off.

After a short break, Axis Communications and C-Technologies presented information on their companies. Of course, no seminar is complete without a closing cocktail reception, which was well received and ended the informative day on a beautifully elegant and successful note. Because it would take reams of digital pages to extol all the virtues of Sweden, check out these sites for more information: www.isa.com; www.virtualsweden.com; www.itsweden.com and www.capitalmarketsweden.com.