Wednesday, April 04, 2001

Madge.Web makes a splashy start ~ by Gina Larson

It was fittingly a superlative bash that Madge.Web threw to celebrate their new "First Class to the Web" content distribution network. The UK-based company, which moved over to this side of the pond last January, spared no expense to unveil their next-generation network to partners and peers at Float Wednesday night, April 4th. Attendees sipped on free flowing champagne from flutes etched with the company's emblem, as servers tried to keep the buzz in-check by swirling trays of sushi, skewered chicken and other tasty tidbits around the candle lit club. The highlight of the evening was the official presentation, MCed by stand-up comic Wayne Cotter. The comedian, a former engineer, kept the crowd entertained as he slipped in jokes alluding to VPNs and load balance between presenters. David Greenberg, national sales manager outlined, the company's strategy, while VP of Product Marketing Nick Stacey, who flew in from London for the event, bore the onus of explaining the technology to the revelers. Lawrence Bud from Inktomi also took the mic- to announce Inktomi and Madge.Web would be participating in Content Bridge, a new alliance of ISPs and tech companies dedicated to enabling faster connectivity. After the speeches, the party got back to the main attractions - the open bar and DJ. Wayne Cotter, who was more accustomed to his showbiz cronies than the crowd, kept a low profile in the back of the club, while Madge.Web employees and their partners took to the lighted dance floor.