Thursday, April 26, 2001

Guns for Hire ~ by Gina Larson

The Flatiron's dinner/dance club, Hush, was jam-packed again for The Hired Guns monthly Pink Slip Party. Besides the normal networking to be done at this growing event, the planners also lined up some dot-comedy. Comics from Conan O'Brien, Chris Rock and The Daily Show took the stage in the back room of the club to lift the spirits of those who've seen their ship go down with the dive in hype.

Not that there were a lot of tears in the beers of these fearless twenty-somethings, though. In fact, there were a lot more people who had jobs at Wednesday's event than in the past. Thanks to the neon bracelets that serve as a color-coded classification system, attendees could tell who was still searching for a job and who was just there schmoozing.