Wednesday, October 07, 1998

Internet World: TRUSTe announcement

Considering one of the biggest obstacles for consumers and non-Internet-industry professionals is privacy online, and what happens to their information once submitted to a site, the TRUSTe ( organization's announcement of its Privacy Partnership was yet another important piece of news during Internet World. Executive director of this independent, non-profit, industry initiative, Susan Scott announced the impressive statistic that there will be over 200 million banner impressions due to the combined efforts of the founding companies' sites and other participants. A glittery assortment of founding company executives spoke of the importance of this program for community building, trust, and security issues for the consumer and their experience on the Internet. The press event, which was Wednesday, October 7th, was wrapped up with Andrew Zolli, vice president, interactive media, Siegel & Gale, showing the banner ad campaign that his company created (along with the program's identity).