Wednesday, October 07, 1998

The Industry Standard @ NASDAQ

Later on Wednesday the party scene picked up, which is another major component of this conference for many attendees. A typical week for me, now I am joined by thousands of people who attempt to go to the events, meet people, and see what's going on. The Industry Standard had a spectacular space for its party, in the NASDAQ Television studio at 33 Whitehall Place, but hors d'ouevres were non-existent. I managed to catch a mini lobster wrap, but considering this was a cocktail party from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, you think they would've feed the hungry guests a little better. In any case, I had lovely conversations with Erik Endress of Thomson Financial Services (, Elliot Ng of NetCentives, and Graeme Thickins of GTA Marketing. Michael Bayle and Adrian Vanzl of Link Exchange, and Michael Lee and I enjoyed some moments in the packed corridor of this slick, high-tech, many video-screened studio. Riva Syrop and Nova Spivak of Earthweb, Chris Bayers, Senior Writer, Wired took a peek at the newest issue of The Standard, and marveled at the lawyer-cum-model in Earthweb's newest ad.